Free Vodafone Internet Pass on downloading Opera Mini Browser

Vodafone Internet Pass on Opera Mini


Enjoy Free Vodafone Internet on Downloading Opera Mini Browser. fetches the information of Free Internet Scheme where Vodafone offers Vodafone Internet Pass on downloading Opera Mini Browser. Enjoy the flexible Vodafone Internet Pass on downloading Opera Mini, you can surf the web for all you need, while saving on mobile internet charges. You can get both Prepaid and Postpaid internet passes on Opera Mini Web Browser. This Offer Service is provided by Vodafone India while Opera is not responsible for any billing or customer service. This Offer Web passes only cover browsing with Opera Mini Browser while regular data charges will be applied when not using Opera Mini browser for net surfing. This Scheme does not include any video or music streaming. User can download up to 15 MB Maximum file size. Normal mobile internet roaming charges will be applied. Each web pass has a data transfer limit specified in Pass Details.Web pass service is not applicable to customers accessing via the portalnmms APN. Please change APN to WWW to be able to access this service. For more Details and Terms and Conditions, please click on the button below.
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